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an Annual Town-wide Event Commemorating Life in OUR COMMUNITY... and All THAT BLOOMFIELD has to Offer!

Each June, the Town of Bloomfield, Connecticut comes together for a week-long celebration in the form of many community events, designed to bring both town and area residents together in fellowship and fun. These venues showcase the diversity of Bloomfield - voted an all-American City back in 1970 - as well as offering an opportunity for folks to get to know the town, its businesses and its history...The celebration was the brainchild of Bloomfield Town Councilman Joel Neuwirth. Thanks to him and his hard-working committee for all of their efforts in bringing the festival to life each year! Join us in June for a great experience...

Mark your calendars! Celebrate Bloomfield 2018 will take place from June 1st to June 3rd!

Tentative list of 2018 events

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A special thanks to actress, singer and 1990 BHS Graduate Anika Noni Rose for her awesome support at Bloomfield High School and at the Community Dinner as part of Celebrate Bloomfield 2016!! She was presented with a State of CT Proclamation by Representative David Baram, a book of Bloomfield photographs by Dennis Hubbs...and the Key to Bloomfield by Mayor Joan Gamble. We look forward to her return to her hometown soon... Thanks again Anika!!!

At right: Anika is presented the "Key to Bloomfield" by Mayor Joan Gamble, at the Community Dinner...


 Tom Nicotera adds music to his poetry at Prosser Library...     ... while BHS Choir students pose with Anika Noni Rose   

The Drummer Boy Statue on the Bloomfield Town Green, sculpted in 1976.

CRAFT FAIR VENDORS : Download a sign-up form here (.pdf format)



Above: just a few images from our 2017 Celebration!

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